For the past two years, Burckhardt has been photographing the fast-changing (some would say vanishing) East Village and Lower East Side, for many hours at a time, day in and day out. In the tradition of Weegee and Clayton Patterson, Hugh is accumulating a day-by-day history of the street life of this neighborhood long celebrated for its immigrants and squatters, artists and addicts, punks and homeless prophets. A life-long resident of the neighborhood and the son of artists who have each made their own contributions to the downtown art world, Hugh Burckhardt has, at a young age, found his own distinct calling here. His work is immediate, un-staged, and journalistic, and yet, without imposing an agenda or aesthetic on his subjects, Burckhardt gently brings an artist's eye to his compositions. The neighborhood may be gentrifying, but in documenting this very process of transformation, even its final throes, Burckhardt is keeping its spirit alive.

"Lower East Side kind of represented the vision of America, it was a place where one could come, and live out the American Dream. You could come here and be nobody, you could come here and be nothing and you could walk away and you could eventually be somebody. No matter which area you got into or what it is you wanted to do you could make your contribution." — Cl
ayton Patterson

Upcoming Work: TBA

Past Works: 

Group show @ Gallery onetwentyeight NY 2010

Amman, Jordan -2010

Solo show at CRS in NY -2010


Dance Magazine

Article on the group show at Gallery Onetwentyeight on display from Nov 3rd, to Dec 3rd.

THEM – Chris Cochrane, Dennis Cooper, and Ishmael Houston-Jones (1986) review by  Alex Rodabaugh

Bob Arihood's shot of him on his site

Clayton Patterson's shot of him on his site


Q & A at the CRS Gallery



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