Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Science Fiction Predicted Your Future: Works By BEAU

Science Fiction Predicted Your Future Opening Reception 7pm-midnight

Works By: BEAU

Presented By 2'12" and TBA

Wine & Beer open bar 7pm-8pm

After Party midnight 4am

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Beau Bradbury was born in Groton, Connecticut, in 1984 and currently lives and works in the East Village.
He received no formal academic training in the field of the arts, relying only on what he refers to as a sense of a predisposed genetic alignment and the consistent routine of determination and practice.His work is scattered throughout the U.S. and Europe, some on the walls of his collectors and some executed upon public compositions. At present Bradbury has managed to gather a handful of clients over the past 3 years throughout his endeavors, through which he has experienced trades such as mural and sign painting, glass painting, gilding(glass and floor), decorative faux, custom portraiture, carpentry(sign building, 2D jig saw cutout), and finding in his spare time to practice stone and wood carving. It is apparent that Beau's inherently insistent gravitation towards expressing himself through the arts, in any arrangement, will not conclude for some time here in New York City.
Exhibit/Freelance history:
-2013 Jan. Private viewing with art collector Kent Charugundla, Rockefeller Mandate
-2012 Nov. Private Commission, Mary Ellen Matthews, 10' by 30' mural 4th and Bowery
-2012 Sept. 27 Curator "Quality of Life" at Poppington Gallery, Jim Joe, Womp, BEAU, Katsu, Pixote, Phil, Sabio
-2012 Jul. 15 Public Mural with JIM JOE collaboration, 1st ave and 1st.St. curated by Pebbles Russel and Jon Neville, Centre-Fuge 4th. Cycle
-2012 May 31 Group show at CATM Chelsea. Curated by Salehe Bembury
-2012 Apr. 28 Amber Mclinn, Shine Group, Philip Morris. MoMA tour
-2012 Apr. Private Commerical Painting commission, Kathy Baer
-2012 Mar. Fourth Arts Block, public Scaffolding 4'x24' mixed-media mural. Curator, Keith Schweitzer
-2012 Jan. E.N.K. International Intermezzo Pier #92, Amy Hsiung at The Addison Story
-2011 Nov. Bloomingdale's Sidewalk Painting. ref: V. Khuzami. Mngr: Scott Robinson
-2011 Nov. BAObq. 1st. Ave.- 14th. Mike Bao
-2011 Nov. Legal Gate, St. Marks - Ave. A. Face with JIM JOE
-2011 Nov. The Burger Shop. Gregory. St. Marks - Ave. A.
-2011 Sep. Legal Gate, 2nd Ave.- 3rd St. Frida Kahlo
-2011 Sep. Amber Mclinn, Shine Group, Philip Morris. MoMA tour
-2011 Sep. Jon Schapiro, Ecko Studio. 22nd. St. - 5th. Ave
-2011 Aug. Asst. under Vicki Khuzami. Mariam Azarm. 48th.- 1st. Ave.
-2011 Jul. Amber Mclinn, Shine Group, Philip Morris. MoMA tour
-2011 Jun.- Jul. Tenement Project, 174 Rivington. JOHNO'NEIL
-2011 Jun. HOWL fest. Thompson Square Park. Neon Sandwich
-2011 Apr.- Jun. Studio. 138th.- Adam Clayton Powell. Joe Hayes
-2011 Mar. 28. Lecture: Graffiti and Street Art, University of South Fl. curator Felici Asteinza, Ellen Mueller
-2011 Feb.- Mar. Rhong Tiam. Orchard St.- Stanton St. Andy
-2011 Mar. OBao. 53rd.- 2nd. Ave. Mike Bao
-2011 Mar. Complex Magazine int., Justin Korkidis, Evan
-2011 Feb. D.o.b. Gate. St. Marks- Ave. A.
-2011 Jan. D.o.b. St. Marks- Ave. A. Mike Bao
-2010 Dec. Jon Schapiro. Mural 12' x 18'. 55th.- 10th. Ave.
-2010 Nov. Yes Contracting Gates. Astoria, Queens
-2010 Sep. Artist in Residence, DD 172, Tribeca. Nyssa Frank
-2010 Sep. Jon Schapiro, Roof Mural. Dumbo, Bk.
-2010 Jun. Paula Newman. Mural. 21st.- 10th Ave.
-2010 May. Gabrielle Oppenheim. 4 doors attached
-2010 Apr. Freelance, Jon Schapiro
-2010 Apr. BEAU vs. MBW. Meat Packing District
-2010 Feb. Solo Exhibition, Prohibit NYC
-2010 Jan. Started on 8ft x 12ft mural, Prohibit
-2009 Dec. Mikey's Burger. Ludlow - Rivington
-2009 Nov. Asst. to Howie Keck. Bar room, 38th.- 7th. ave.
-2009 Sep. Beer Garden Orchard St. Mike Bao
-2009 Aug. Daycare Mural. 93rd.- Lexington. Lindsay Davis
-2009 Aug. Frida Kahlo Gate. Stanton - Orchard, Le Salon de Art
-2009 May. Essential, Broadway - Grand st.
-2009 May. Trader Joe's, Hewlitt, Long Island. 2 day stint, let go due to lack a S.S. card
-2008 Nov-Jan'09. Damien Sahri project, Bushwick, Brooklyn. 16'h x 25'w
-2008 Oct. Moved to New York City.
-2008 May Mural 13'h x 17'w. Mike Albert, Eric Good.
-2008 Apr. Solo, Gallery Above. Panama City, Fl.
-2007 Oct. 30 Armageddon show, Rail Road Square, Gallery
-2007 Sep.29 Irreconcilable differences, Tampa Florida
-2007 Jul. Independence show, Gallery Above. Panama City, Fl.
-2007 Mar. Solo, Eileen West gallery Seaside, Fl.
-2007 Feb. Eileen West gallery Seaside, Fl.
-2007 Jan. Eileen West gallery Seaside, Fl.
-2006 Oct-Dec. Artist in Residence Ruskin Place Seaside, Fl.
-2006 Aug. Viva Calori sidewalk painting exhibit. curator E.West
-2005 Heart to Heart, Eileen west gallery Eden park
-2004 Solo, Krank it up, Rail Road Square Tallahassee
-2003 Nov. Best of Bay, Visual Art Center
-2002 Nov. Best of Bay, Visual Art Center
-2002 Oct.- Mar. 2005 Volunteer, Visual Art Center of N.w. Fl.

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