Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Hugh is out there, down on the streets, relentlessly obsessed with making and documenting the indigenous art forms that manifest illegally in our public urban environment. Hugh snaps and posts so many photos of street art, graff, and tags, tags, tags, including alternative taggers, no-style primitives, and anti-style punks, such as UFO907, Jim Joe, and Neckface. I appreciate this kind of pathological obsession with the anti-status quo outsider, even within already-designated outsider communities, such as graff or street art. personally, as I scrolled through this unprecedented survey of 103 of my pulses on the streets of nyc, I felt proud of all the work we both had done this past year. i've never produced so much deliberate, strategic public graphic resonance in the past, and i appreciate your efforts to document it. thank you, Hugh.       ( ( ( ekg ) ) )







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