Friday, September 21, 2012

Arrest At The Financial District

When we arrived on scene, we witnessed the suspect screaming as he was cuffed in the police car. According to a passerby, the suspect jammed the metrocard vending machine and was charging people for rides. We heard the police say to a bystander that they (the police) rolled down the windows because they were afraid that he might breaks the windows. There were 3 undercover cops, two were displaying their badges. Overhearing the cops talking to each other we found out that they wanted to wrap him in some sort of plastic and put him in an ambulance. One of the cops (without a badge visible) faced us and said "Get that camera out of here!". We told him that we were on a public sidewalk, then he asked us if we enjoyed photographing people getting arrested, and we just told him that we were on a public sidewalk. Eventually the EMS came, they took the stretcher to the back of the cop car and restrained him. Then the EMS took him into an ambulance.

Arrest At Union Square