Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Occupy Wall Street: May Day 8AM Bryant Park Meet Up/ Picket/March

More Photos HERE

Our day started at 8:30 AM, which is when we got to Bryant Park, we had packed our rain gear in anticipation of heavy rain. There weren't many people when we arrived because we thought that the rain was holding them up (We later found out later that, most of the people were off picketing different banks and news corporations.) We hung around and chatted with a few of the protestors about what they were expecting in terms of the force of the police that day. They all basically said that they (the cops) were going to be out en mass. We noticed that there were cops in Tactical Gear getting into a van and proceeding to drive downtown, as soon as that van passed, we saw another, and another, and another, then two paddy wagons. After all of those vans and paddy wagons were out of sight, we realized that there was a heavy police presence at the Bank Of America Tower (corner of 42nd street and 6th Ave) so we found a found a friend, and told him to film us walking over there as protection. As we approached the Tower, we saw that the police had set up barricades around the building, and were standing guard with tactical helmets on. There was a gentleman checking IDs of all of the employees that wanted to enter the building. There was a small picket of about 15 to 20 protestors marching in a circle and chanting various slogans. After we observed the picket for a little while we made our way back to the park with our friend close by. We waited around for a while longer, until someone mic-checked and told us that they were going to start marching up to the various picket sites and pick up all the people who were participation in said picket, those included BOA (Bank Of America), News Corp (Fox News), and Chase HQ. We began to make our way up 7th Avenue, stopping at each picket area, circling out front since they were all barricaded up with police guards. Then as we made our way to Radio City Music Hall to cut across to the east, we passed a Chase Bank. As we were passing Chase, Cops with Tactical Gear immediately made a line, and told the group that we couldn't stay here, and to "not go out on the streets" the cops started pushing, we heard that one police officer shoved a little girl. (unconfirmed) After we passed Chase, we turned down 5th Ave. As we marched down 5th we started hearing reports of the National Guard in Grand Central Station holding heavy weaponry. Us being very curious, we took our friend and headed over to G.C to see for ourselves. When we got to G.C we didn't see the National Guard holding huge weaponry, but we did witness K-9 Units and undercover Police cars on the scene. We snapped a few photos of everything and then left, heading back to Bryant Park. Our other friend was telling us that another march left Bryant park 20 minutes after we got there. We ended up not going because of the Wildcat Strike March that was supposed to happen at 1PM Downtown on Houston and 2nd Street. So we took our friend and proceeded downtown.