Thursday, November 3, 2011

Second Opening Of Hugh Burckhardt's Group Show at Gallery Onetwentyeight

Waves...The Tides of Time

November 3 - December 3, 2011

This multi-media gallery exhibit expresses the continuous flow of humanity’s ups and downs. The perpetual change of political trends. The tidal flow of humanity’s transformation throughout the ages. People change and progress. People change and regress. However, this endless wave has inspired revolutionary art forms for centuries. This show represents the fluidity, force, and power of art and its ageless movement through time.

Ayako Bando, Kristians Brekte, Hugh Burckhardt, Eric Ginsburg, Kazuko Hyakuda*, Jesper Haynes, Gerald Jackson, Yumie Kusuda, Ken Cro-Ken, Helmut Krackie, Hege Liseth, Kazuko Miyamoto, Kaitlin Martin, Sabra Moore, Yoko Nishiwaki, Hiroji Nakajima, Toki Ozaki, Agnese Purgatorio, Georg Ritter, Guillermo Resto, Caroline Scott, Izumi Tokunoh & Mayumi Takagi