Thursday, October 20, 2011

Man Gets Beat Up By Provoking Gang Kids

We were having a Black and White milkshake at Ray's when we heard a commotion and flashing lights across the street. Finishing our shake, we walked over to the entrance of T.S.P, where we saw a guy lying on the ground with EMS and Cops surrounding him. They managed to get him on the gurney, and attempted to strap his legs down. He started to scream, and scream. A passerby told us that he had gotten beat up by some gang kids, and had provoked them into doing so. The guy started to get rilled up, and flipped the gurney over, causing the cops to restrain him face down on a stretcher. Then as he was being carted to the ambulance, a guy on a bicycle rides over and starts screaming at the cops. one of the cops tells him to "shut up and keep moving" then the cops walk over to the ambulance, and take a look at us, pointing, but they don't do anything.

Al Outside Ray's

Jewels Shows Sean What He's Reading

Dusk at T.S.P "Feed a pigeon, Breed a rat."