Thursday, September 22, 2011

Troy Davis March To Occupy Wall St

As we were marching, the cops would drive their scooters ahead of us to try to cut us off  but some of us were too fast for them. Then as the other marchers (who weren't fast enough) would pass the cops, they would drive back and forth in an attempt to cut some of us off, several people got hit (including us though not severe), and once everyone was past the scooters we continued to march. We turned a corner, and ended up on a small street, where the cops boxed us in lined up on the street telling us that if we were to stay there, that they would arrest us. (I believe that was Broome street). We eventually decided to march on broadway since it was a bigger street and we could take it easier, but the cops and their scooters came and started to push us to the sidewalk. Some people got shoved. Then when we got down to the #OCCUPYWALLSTREET we all spread out on the street. We got up to a higher level and started to see the cops push people back on to the sidewalk, We saw a cameraman get pushed, and a guy get hauled away by two cops and put in a van. After We left, We came upon the van and saw two people in it) at which point a cop rudely pushed us out of the way.