Friday, November 18, 2011

A Look Back In Time: Occupy Wall Street In Its Early Days As Bloombergville and Empire State Rebellion/OWS History

Here Are Photos Of The Brainchild Of OWS, And The Start Of A Worldwide Movement Known As Occupy Wall Street.
June 14th, 2011 AKA Flag Day A Group Of Activists Will Take This Park Known As Operation Empire State Rebellion

Unfortunately It failed, so the next best thing was to Occupy Brooklyn Bridge City Hall Station

They got kicked out, so they relocated across from City Hall That Sign Was Part Of The Remains At Occupy Brooklyn Bridge City Hall Station

First Occupation named Bloombergville


They Get Booted And Move To 250 Broadway

Temporary Relocation Because Of Rain

A GA By Some Of The Citizens Of Bloombergville. We Believe That Bloombergville Collapsed On Day 6 or 7. But The Idea Still Remains.

The First Gatherings of Occupy Wall Street On Sept. 17th, 2011 Organized by Adbusters

Occupiers Converge On Their Home Zuccotti Park (To Be Renamed Liberty Park)

Days After The Occupation Started Med Tents Media Station Food Table Are Created

Eventually Turned Into A Tent City OWS Grows In Numbers

OWS Gets Evicted On The 15th Of November 

They Are Let Back In Later That Night

With Restrictions No Tents, Backpacks, Or Sleeping Bags, Bags Searched

Independently Contracted Security Team Hired By Brookfield Properties (Owners Of Zuccotti Park) Check Bags

The Day After People Still Stay In The Park

Whats To Come? Time Will Tell

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