Sunday, October 16, 2011

Times Square Gathering, March To Washington Square, Getting Kicked From Washington Square

TARU Watches Them, We watch TARU

As we approached Times Square, we could see a lot of Police vans and cars, so we knew it was still running strong. When we got to the heart of T.S we could see the different pens of people that were being held. Soon after, we could see and hear different sections rolling out and marching to Washington Square Park. During our time in one of the pens, we heard from a protester that the police were "Authorized to use Tear Gas, and Mace". After a little bit more of sticking around, we marched with a small group down to W.S.P, while marching we were told that "Bandanas are forbidden to be covering the face" and the like. When we got there, we heard a people's mic, though we weren't  really paying attention. Then we took a walk around the camp and found out that "71 were arrested in T.S".  Then we noticed that Police busses, and paddy wagons had started to arrive. Then about 20 minutes later, police with helmets on. At around 12:00AM, the cops in riot helmets, and the "White Shirts", kicked us out of the park, with the "Blue Shirts" forming a line, which blocked all entry and exit to the park. There were about 6 mounted police. Then the cops in helmets along with other white shirts, converged on the water fountain, which is where we suspect the protesters still were. After a while of watching them, the blue shirts, and the Community Affairs officers told us to "keep walking, and don't block the side walk" and eventually kicked us out of the area.

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