Saturday, October 1, 2011

Occupy Wall Street Day 15, March, Mass Arrest On The Brooklyn Bridge

Today Liberty Park was packed full of people, packed to the point where they spilled out on the street, and everyone was wall to wall. We started marching at 3PM down towards the Brooklyn Bridge, near City Hall. It was just a mass of people that took over the sidewalk. There was a lot of chants, the usual "We Are The 99%" "And So Are You!" "Who's Streets, Our Streets"and "This Is What A Democracy Looks Like" Everyone was in great spirits, and kept together on the route. When we arrived at the Brooklyn Bridge, there was a little holdup since the walkway was rather small, and we had to get everyone on the bridge. After we had marched a little ways. We saw a police van and some cops running towards the Brooklyn end of the bridge. We ran in that direction to get a better view. As we approached the van, we could see some protestors sitting on the highway with a mesh net behind, and in front of them. At first it looked like they were bottlenecking people from the highway and back into Manhattan, one at a time. Then all of a sudden, the cops started cuffing people with plastic zip-ties. As we stood there watching, more and more people got zip-tied and arrested. There were about 2 Paddy Wagons, one Police Bus, and later they brought in an MTA bus to pick up more protestors. After a while a White Shirt started telling his Blue Shirts to kick us off the bridge. The cops had put up a mesh net on the Brooklyn side of the walkway so that the other protestors couldn't join up with those on the Manhattan side. Then they started pushing us back to Manhattan. The Protestors resisted the cops. As we were getting forced off the bridge a Community Affairs Officer started to physically push us, so we told him to "please stop" and that we were walking so there was "no need to do so" but he continued, and at one point hit out equipment. Then in one motion, he grabbed our packpack and hurried us to the front of the front saying "Listen i'm being nice to you, Don't piss me off ok?! ARE WE CLEAR?" Then as we were leaving the bridge, we saw a 50 cop lineup blocking the bridge's entrance, some tourists asked if they could go on the bridge and one of the officers just replied "No, the bridge is closed" We speculate that there has been 500 arrests (or possibly more) tonight, and 300 out of the 500 have been released.
Update: There has now been a confirmation of 700 arrests as of today.


  1. Great Article Hugh ,but did the Marines ever show up ?...i am glad you are Ok !! please stay safe .