Sunday, September 25, 2011

Occupy Wall Street Day/Night 7

Cops after the incident at Union Square

They started taking out batons and forcing us back saying "get back into the park now!" before a white shirted officer told them to "back off" on a megaphone.
John Penley, holding a printout of tomorrow's (Sept. 25th, 2011) headline.

When we got to Liberty Park there were a ton of cops, about 30 or more? lined up, and more started coming. Vans, and cars surrounded LP. We guessed they were on high alert after that incident at Union Square. They just stood there staring at us. Soon the cops brought out the orange mesh net, and things got a little more tense. Then a small portion of the occupiers went off marching, and the cops carried the net alongside the marchers. Soon after, those cops who were standing facing the park, went away, and got replaced by cops with zip-ties. As soon as the marchers came back, the cops took out their batons and started telling us to stay in the park, pushing us back, then a white shirt on a megaphone told them to back off, and they did. After that, the tenseness went down.