Sunday, June 20, 2010


I was taking an evening stroll, when I bump into this cool (no pun intended) Icy shop, Jason tells me that his shop has been open for a month or so, and he hopes that it will be the hotspot for the summer!, he also said "come back here in about a month, I'll have velvet ropes and bouncers, it will be magic!" they have an assortment of flavors, and I suggest you get some when your down here!!, I believe its 3 bucks per... a bit steep but so yummy!! thats what gentrification does to you....
(it is located near the corner of 7th street and Avenue A)

EMT Help

First Post from More Than Usual: Red Shirt

Lets call him Red Shirt, he is getting cuffed and put in a cop car in Times Square. I wish I knew why.....